Earth (Prithvi Tattva)

Earth is primarily responsible for the physique & smell. One can touch earth and smell it too. Prithvi Tattva is known to us as green fields, gardens, plants, trees, mountains, rocks, stones and much more.

There is much more that reminds us of Earth, like patience, fertility, nurturing, stability, steadiness and security. The Prithvi Tattva in its subtle forms instils these characteristics in us.

A person with strong Prithvi Tattva is a responsible, reliable, steady and stable person.

Earth person has a conventional attitude, likes the traditional and detests the modern. They are excellent organizers and builders. They work for results and know how to produce results. They are hardworking and logical thinkers.

When the Earth element gets imbalanced, it starts to show the negative aspects too, like a person becomes rigid, stubborn, obsessive, lazy and dull.

Earth Signs & their characteristics :

Earth Planets & its characteristics :