Earth (Prithvi Tattva)

Earth is primarily responsible for the physique & smell. One can touch earth and smell it too. Prithvi Tattva is known to us as green fields, gardens, plants, trees, mountains, rocks, stones and much more.

There is much more that reminds us of Earth, like patience, fertility, nurturing, stability, steadiness and security. The Prithvi Tattva in its subtle forms instils these characteristics in us.

A person with strong Prithvi Tattva is a responsible, reliable, steady and stable person.

Pisces (Meena)

The 12th sign is Meena (Pisces). Sage Parashara describes Meena as follows:

"It resembles a pair of fish, one tailed with the head of the other. This rashi is strong at night. It is a watery rashi and is predominant with Sattwa Guna. It denotes resoluteness and is related to water. It does not have a foot and has a medium build. It rules the north and rises with both head and back. It is ruled by Guru."

Aquarius (Kumbha)

The 11th sign is Kumbha (Aquarius). Sage Parashara describes Kumbha as follows:

"It represents a man holding a pot. Its complexion is deep brown. It has a medium build and is a biped rashi. It is very strong during daytime. It relates to deep water and is airy. It rises with its head and is Tamasic. It rules Shudras, the 4th Varna, and the west. Its lord is Shani, Surya's offspring."

Sanskrit Name : Kumbha
English Name : Aquarius
Limb of Kalapurusha : Calves
Ruler : Shani Saturn
Gender : Male
Classification : Fixed

Capricorn (Makara)

The 10th sign is Makara (Capricorn). Sage Parashara describes Makara as follows:

"It has Shani as the lord and has predominance of Tamo Guna (a disposition seen in demons). It is an earthy rashi and represents the southern direction. It is strong at night, and rises from the back. It has a large body. Its complexion is variegated and it resorts to both forests and lands. Its first half is quadruped and its second half moves in water, without a foot."

Sagittarius (Dhanu)

The Ninth Rashi is Sagittarius (Dhanu). Sage Parashara Describes Sagittarius as follows :

The Rāśi Sagittarius rises with its head and is lorded by Jupiter. It is a Sattvic Rāśi and is tawny in hue. It has strength in night and is fiery. A royal Rāśi, Sagittarius is biped in first half. Its second half is quadruped. It has an even build and adores an arch. It resides in the East, resorts to land and is splendorous.

Scorpio (Vrischika) Rashi

The 8th sign is Vrischika (Scorpio). Parashara describes Vrischika as follows:

"It has a slender physique and is a centipede rashi. It denotes Brahmins and resides in holes. Its direction is north and is strong during daytime. It is reddish brown and relates to water and land. It has a hairy physique and is very sharp (or passionate). Mangal is its ruler."


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